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Graduate students

$ \bullet$ I list only those for whom I was the primary supervisor

M.Sc., B. Toulany (1977) Thesis title: ``Disjunctive Programming,'' Dalhousie

M.Sc., D.E. Ward (1981) Degree by Examination, Carnegie Mellon

lM.Sc., R. Merkovsky (1981) Degree by Examination, Carnegie Mellon

M.Sc., H.M. Strojwas (1984) Degree by Examination, Carnegie Mellon

M.Sc., D. Zhuang (1984) Thesis title: ``Minimax Theorems,'' Dalhousie.

M.Sc., D. Hughes (1984) Thesis title: ``Computation of Pi,'' Dalhousie

Ph.D., D.E. Ward (1984) Thesis title: ``Tangent Cones, Generalized Subdifferentials, and Optimization,'' Dalhousie. Now Professor, Miami University of Ohio.

Ph.D., H.M. Strojwas (1986) Thesis title: ``Tangential Approximations,'' Carnegie Mellon2

Ph.D., D. Zhuang (1989) Thesis title: ``Regularity and Maximality Properties of Set Valued Structures in Optimization,'' Dalhousie [awarded the 1988 CAMS prize for best Canadian Applied Mathematics Thesis]. Tenured Associate Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University: Sept 1998, Researcher, IBM Development Lab, Toronto. 2000- Risk Analyst, Citigroup, NY.

Ph.D., W. Huang (1993) Thesis title: ``Sequential convex programs: convergence and algorithms,'' Dalhousie. Now Associate Professor, Lakehead University.

M.Sc., Xianfu Wang (Shawn) (1995) Thesis title: ``Pathological examples of Lipschitz functions,'' SFU

Ph.D., H. Bauschke (1996) Thesis title: ``Projection Methods and Monotone Operators'' [awarded 1996 NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, and the Governor General's Gold Medal for SFU]. Now Canada Research Chair at UBC-Okanagan.

M.Sc., Erick Wong (1997) Thesis title: ``Computation on Normal Families of Primes,'' SFU.

M.Sc., K. Hare (1999) Thesis title: ``Multisectioning, Rational Poly-exponential Functions and Parallel Computation,'' SFU [CECM Report, 99:132]. Now Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo.

Ph.D., Xianfu Wang (Shawn) (1999) Thesis title: ``Fine and Pathological Properties of Subdifferentials in Finite and Infinite Dimensions," [Awarded 1999 NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship], SFU. [CECM Report, 99:134]. SFU Nominee for NSERC 2000 Doctoral Prize in the Sciences. Professor at UBC Okanagan, 2001-.

M.Sc., Mason Macklem (2002) Thesis title: ``Multidimensional Modelling of Image Fidelity Measures,'' SFU.

M.Sc., Herre Wiersma (2002) Thesis title: ``Duality Inequalities in Nonsmooth Optimization,'' SFU.

M.Sc., Tara Stuckless (2003) Thesis title: ``Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem: Methods of Proof and Generalizations,'' SFU.

M.Sc., Terry Stanway (2003) Thesis title: ``A Framework for Mathematical Knowledge Management,'' SFU.

M.Sc., Chris Hamilton (2005) Thesis title: ``Computational Convex Analysis,'' SFU. Now PhD student Dalhousie FCS.

M. Pub., Jen Chang (2006) Report title: ``The SAMPLE Experience: the Development of a Rich Media Online Mathematics Learning Environment,'' SFU. (co-supervisor)

M.Sc., Liquin Ye (2006) Thesis title: ``Numerical Quadrature: Theory and Computation,'' Dalhousie. Now PhD student Dalhousie FCS.

Ph.D., Mason Macklem (2009) Thesis title: ``Low-dimensional curvature models in derivative-free optimization on shared computing networks,'' Dalhousie Faculty of Computer Science. Now Senior Researcher at WorldPlay Inc, Kelowna, BC.

M.Sc., Jaeyhun Paek (2011) Thesis title: ``Privacy-Enhanced Public Name-Authority System for Building Research Communities,'' Dalhousie FCS. Now Software Engineer. (Completed under the aegis of Andrew Rau-Chaplin.)

Ph.D., Armin Straub (2012) Thesis title: ``Arithmetic aspects of random walks and methods in definite integration." Tulane University (co-supervised with Victor Moll). Now Assistant Prof. at University of South Alabama.

Honours Thesis, Matthew Tam (2012) Thesis title: ``The Method of Alternating Projections." University of Newcastle. Winner of 2015 B.H. Neumann Prize.

Ph.D., James Wan (2013) Thesis title: ``Random Walks, Elliptic Integrals and Related Constants." University of Newcastle (co-supervised with Wadim Zudilin). Winner of 2011 B.H. Neumann Prize. Now Assistant Professor at SUMD, Singapore.

M.Sc., Matthew Skerritt (2014) Thesis title: ``Tools for Teaching Computational Mathematics." University of Newcastle. Now PhD student Newcastle.

Ph.D., Michael Rose (2015) Thesis title: ``Expectations over Deterministic Fractal Sets." University of Newcastle (co-supervised with Brailey Sims).

Ph.D., Matthew Tam (2016) Thesis title: ``Iterative Projection and Reflection Methods: Theory and Practice." University of Newcastle (co-supervised with Brailey Sims). Now PDF in Goettingen.

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