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  1. January 10th ``Multivariable sinc integrals and volumes of convex polyhedra," Special Session on Series and Integrals, Combined Mathematics Meetings, New Orleans, January 9-13.

  2. April 18th ``Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician," Public Lecture at Queens University Symposium on Beauty and the Mathematical Beast, April 18-19.

  3. May 17th ``Maximum Entropy-Type Methods and Convex Programming," at Workshop on New Approaches to the Phase Problem, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, May 17-19 (replaced by poster)

  4. June 28th ``Exploring Math on the Internet," Esso-CMS-PIMS Math Camp, (9.00-12.00), Simon Fraser, June 25-29.

  5. July 27th ``The International Math Union's Electronic Initiatives -- and WestGrid," CECM01 Summer Conference, Analysis, Computation and Communication Simon Fraser, July 27-28.

  6. August 16th ``Multivariable sinc integrals and volumes of convex polyhedra," Analysis Seminar, Newcastle University, NSW.

  7. August 20th ``Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician," Special Mathematics Seminar, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

  8. August 21st ``Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician," Mathematics Colloquium, Macquarie University, Sydney.

  9. August 21st ``Experimental Mathematics and Exact Computation,'' Number Theory Seminar, Macquarie University, Sydney.

  10. September 25th The International Mathematical Union's Electronic Initiatives," First International Workshop on Mathematical Knowledge Management, Sept 24-26, RISC Linz,Austria.

  11. October 22th ``Multivariable sinc integrals and volumes of convex polyhedra," ALGO Seminar, INRIA - Rocquencourt,France.

  12. October 22th ``Dirichlet Series of Squares of Sums of Squares," ALGO Seminar, INRIA - Rocquencourt,France.

  13. October 23rd ``Experimental Mathematics and Exact Computation,'' Distinguished Visitor Colloquium, INRIA - Rocquencourt, France.

  14. October 24th ``Experimental Mathematics and Exact Computation,'' Colloquium, University of Limoges, France.

  15. November 2nd ``Challenges in Mathematical Computing -- Why Math is Still Hard," MAA Seaway Sectional Meeting, after dinner lecture, Brock University, St. Catherines, November 2-3, 2001.

  16. November 15th ``Collaborative online mathematics: wishing and hoping," plenary lecture, Fields Institute Workshop on Online Mathematics, November 15-17, 2001.

  17. December 9th ``Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician," Special Session on History of Mathematics, CMS Winter Meeting, Toronto, December 8-10, 2001.

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