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Post doctoral fellows & associates (supported or directed since 1986)

1986-88 Marc Teboulle (Technion, Optimization, NSERC). Now Professor, Tel Aviv.

1987-89 Adrian Lewis (Cambridge, Optimization, NSERC). Now Professor, Cornell.

1989-91 Lou Shi To (Illinois, Number Theory, Killam Fellow).

1990-91 Dominikus Noll (Stuttgart, Functional Analysis, NSERC/Germany). Now on Faculty at Université de Toulouse.

1990-91 Zhuang Yadong (Yangzhou, Functional Analysis, AUCC)

1991 Frank Garvan (Penn State, Number Theory, NSERC Internat. Fellow). Now Professor, University of Florida.

1991-92 Mark Limber (Colorado, Approximation, NSERC)

1992-94 Jon Vanderwerff (Alberta, Functional Analysis, NSERC(National) PDF). Now Professor, La Sierra, California.

1993-94 Roland Girgensohn (Clausthal, Classical Analysis, Germany). Now Army Statistician and Assistant Professor in Munich.

1993-94 Qiji (Jim) Zhu (North Eastern, Control Theory, Shrum Chair PDF) Now Professor, Western Michigan University.

1993-95 Sheldon Parnes (Temple, Computational Analysis, CECM PDF). Then Software Engineer, Auto-trol Technology Corporation, Boulder Colorado.

1993-94 Mark Limber (Colorado, Approximation, NSERC PDF). Was Senior Software Engineer, Auto-desk Corporation. Now at Design Variations, Inc. Boulder Colorado.

1993-94 Martha Limber (Colorado, Dynamical Systems, NSERC PDF). Now System Scientist II, National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Boulder Colorado.

1994-95 Warren Moors (Auckland, Functional Analysis, private/NSERC). Now A/Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand. (Recipient New Zealand Mathematical Society Research Award for ``outstanding published research over the last 5 years'', 2001.)

1994-96 Chris Pinner (Texas, Number Theory, Shrum Chair/UBC PDF). Now Assistant Professor, Kansas State.

1995 (Jan-June) WeiWei Sun (Windsor, Numerical Analysis, Shrum Chair PDF, PT) Now at City University of Hong Kong.

1995-96 John Read (Darmstadt, Optimization, NSERC PDF/Waterloo). Recently, Chief Software Engineer, Orion Technologies.

1995-97 David Bradley (Urbana, Number Theory, NSERC (National) PDF). Now Professor, University of Maine.

1996-97 Yongheng Shao (Wayne State, Control & Optimization, Shrum Chair/UBC PDF).

1996-00 Petr Lisonek (Linz, Discrete Mathematics, NSERC PDF, PIms PDF, MITACS RA). Now Associate Professor at SFU.

1997-98 Ping Zhou (Capetown, Approximation, NSERC PDF). Now on Faculty at St Francis Xavier.

1997-99 Yves Lucet (Toulouse, Convex Optimization, PIms PDF/SFU-UofA-UVic). Now Assistant Professor at UBC in the Okanagan.

1997-99 Pierre Maréchal (Toulouse, Medical Imaging, PIms/Vancouver Hospital PDF). Now Faculty Member, Montpelier.

1999-00 Madhu Nayakkankuppam, (Courant Institute Optimization, PIms PDF/SFU-UBC). Now Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

1999-01 Ivaylo Kortezov (Sofia, Functional Analysis, NATO-NSERC PDF). Now Lecturer in the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia.

2000-02 Rafal Goebel (University of Washington, Optimization and Control, NSERC/SFU-UBC PDF). Now Assistant Professor, DePaul, Chicago.

2001-03 Lyn Bartram (Simon Fraser University, Human Computer Interfaces, NSERC IRF). Now Assistant Professor, SFU Surrey.

2001-03 Will Galway (University of Illinois, Computational Number Theory, PIms/HPC PDF)

2002-03 Hristo Sendov (University of Waterloo, Optimization and Nonlinear Analysis, NSERC PDF). Now Assistant Professor, UWO.

2002-04 Robert Scharein (University of British Columbia Knot Theory and Computer Graphics, CRC/HPC PDF)

2002-04 Russell Luke (University of Washington, Optimization and Numerical Analysis, PIms/HPC PDF). Now Professor, University of Goettingen.

2004-06 Eva Curry (Rutgers University, Harmonic Analysis, Dalhousie PDF, with K. Taylor and K. Dilcher). Now Associate Professor, Acadia University.

2006-08 Dante Manna (Tulane University, Classical Analysis, AARMS Director's PDF). Now Assistant Professor, Virginia Wesleyan.

2006-09 O-Yeat Chan (University of Illinois, Number Theory, Dalhousie PDF, with K. Dilcher, NSERC PDF 07-09).

2006-07 Peter Dobscanyi (University of Auckland, Design Theory, SUN-ACEnet Fellow)

2008-10 Miroslav Bacak (Charles University, Prague, Functional Analysis, CARMA Fellow). Now RA at Max Plank, Leipzig.

2009-10 O-Yeat Chan (University of Illinois, Number Theory, CARMA Fellow). Now Financial software engineer, Toronto.

2011-13 Judy-anne Osborn (University of Melbourne, Combinatorics, CARMA Fellow). Now Lecturer at Newcastle.

2011-13 Francisco Aragon Artacho (University of Alicante, Spain, Optimization, CARMA Fellow). Now RA in Systems Biochemistry Group Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB).

2012-14 Liangjin Yao (UBC-O, Canada, Optimization, CARMA Fellow)

2013-15 Mumtaz Hussain (Univ of York, UK, UK, Number Theory, CARMA Fellow)

2014-17 Ohad Giladi NYU, Functional analysis, CARMA Fellow)

2014-16 Paul Vrbik (Western Univ, Canada, Computer Algebra, CARMA Fellow)

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