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This page contains CARMA outreach resources that we hope will be useful in schools and other places of matriculation. Please contact us with requests or comments. You might also be interested in our new numeric group.
  • Regular dates, 2013
  • CARMA Mathematics Taster Seminars
  • We are running regular sessions of 3-4 10-minute talks, where mathematicians and statisticians describe their research in an open, accessible way. Dates, further details and the presentations themselves are available on the events page for this seminar series.
  • Regular dates, 2013
  • Mathematics Enrichment Sessions
  • CARMA holds regular sessions on Mathematical Enrichment with school students attending from across the Hunter Valley. A list of upcoming dates can be seen in the events page for this series.
  • 23-25 November, 2012
  • Effective Visualization in the Mathematical Sciences (EViMS)
  • CARMA held the EViMS workshop, organised by Judy-anne Osborn, where there were many interesting talks, from Geometric Sculptures to making Music out of Mathematics. Full details of the talks are available on the workshop website.
  • 20 August, 2012
  • UoN Teachers Visit Day
  • Classroom-ready materials have been developed by CARMA members to aid with series, differentiation, and integration as per the syllabus. There is also an example application of HSC calculus to an infectious disease. These materials include Word documents and Excel spreadsheets for ease of manipulation by teachers. Download the materials here.
  • 16 November, 2011
  • School visit talk by Judy-anne Osborn: "Three Kinds of Maths"
  • Download the slides from this interesting talk here.
  • 21 October, 2010
  • Celebration of Minds!
  • On Thursday 21st Oct, "Martin Gardner's Celebration of Mind" gatherings will be taking place in over 50 cities worldwide. These independent Celebrations of Mind are in honour of what would have been the 96th birthday of Martin Gardner.

  • Things to explore at your Celebrations of Mind:
  • CoM: Ten More Explorations [Word Doc]
  • CoM: Ten Off The Shelf [Word Doc]
  • The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had [Word Doc]
  • 24 September, 2010
  • West Wallsend High School Lecture
  • Fractal Presentation by Jonathan Borwein

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