PhD positions available with CARMA

Call for PhD Student Applications: International Research Collaboration Project

Project Title: Deep Features for Outlier Detection

Area of Focus: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning

Project Outline: Outlier (or anomaly) detection in data sets refers to the discovery of patterns that do not conform to an established behaviour. Relatively recently, the problem of outlier detection has been considered in the context of deep learning approaches. The primary goal of this project is to reinvestigate the problem of unsupervised outlier detection in light of recent advances in the unsupervised generation of deep feature sets in machine learning.

Prospective Students: Students with a strong CV and a passion for research and problem solving using a combination of applied statistics/mathematics and computer science are particularly encouraged to apply.

International Research Team:

Scholarship: At the moment, there is possibility of a scholarship available on a competitive basis, for a domestic student in Australia. A student granted with this scholarship will be academically hosted mainly in the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia, but is expected to spend part of the PhD program as a visiting researcher in the partner institutions.