Automated Simplification of Large Symbolic Expressions

Bailey, David H. and Borwein, Jonathan M. and Kaiser, Alexander D. (2014) Automated Simplification of Large Symbolic Expressions. J. Symbolic Analysis (60). pp. 120-136.

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    We present a set of algorithms for automated simpli cation of symbolic constants of the formPiixiwithirational andxicomplex. The included algorithms, calledSimplifySum1andimplemented inMathematica, remove redundant terms, attempt to make terms and the fullexpression real, and remove terms using repeated application of the multipair PSLQ integerrelation detection algorithm. Also included are facilities for making substitutions accordingto user-speci ed identities. We illustrate this toolset by giving some real-world examples of itsusage, including one, for instance, where the tool reduced a symbolic expression of approximately100,000 characters in size enough to enable manual manipulation to one with just four simpleterms.

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