Class number three Ramanujan type series for 1/π

Borwein, Jonathan M. and Borwein, Peter (1993) Class number three Ramanujan type series for 1/π. Journal of Computational and Applied Math , 46 . pp. 281-290.

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There is a class of remarkable series for 1/π of the form [formula could not be replicated] where A, B, C are certain algebraic numbers. These were first examined by Ramanujan. These examples arise by computing singular invariants for j and the constants involved will have degree equal to the class number of the associated imaginary quadratic field. Our intention is compute all such class number three examples. The largest such example, with discriminant −907, adds 37 additional digit accuracy per term. A class number four example with discriminant −1555 gives 50 digits per term.

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