Antimagic labeling of the union of two stars

Dafik, and Miller, Mirka and Ryan, Joe and Bača, Martin (2008) Antimagic labeling of the union of two stars. Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, 42 .

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Let G be a graph of order p and size q. An (a, d)-edge-antimagic total labeling of G is a one-to-one map f taking the vertices and edges onto 1, 2, . . . , p + q so that the edge-weights w(u, v) = f(u) + f(v) + f(uv), uv ∈ E(G), form an arithmetic progression, starting from a and having common difference d. Moreover, such a labeling is called super (a, d)- edge-antimagic total if f(V (G)) = {1, 2, . . . , p}. This paper considers such labelings applied to a disjoint union of two stars K₁,m and K₁,n.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: antimagic labeling, graph, stars, super edge-magic
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Date Deposited: 28 Sep 2012 12:05
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